You are yourself

Turn your attention inwards and feel with your heart
Feel the tension and conflict arise until you are peaceful
In the end you will return to reality with a harmonious heart

Open Heart

During meditation, If you insist on “The way to be happy is by getting what I want”, it is a dead end, it makes your heart stiff, ridged, and inflexible, trapped in an imaginary reality, not a truly open heart. The existence of reality is inseparable and it’s confined in its objective reasons, but it is also ever-changing like flowing water. The heart should be open to reality, so that there is no so -called conflict. The open heart is sincere. It just waits quietly and gently, it will not force any obedience, because anything that is forced means pain. In the face of reality, it only says one thing: “Everything is the way it is” facing the truth with an open heart, the eternal reality exists.

Relationship with Yourself

When you can’t be at ease when you are quiet, you will seek relationships to cover up your anxiety. The uneasiness will surface in other forms in your relationships. These uneasy roots can be attributed to the separation of you and your own identity. For example, you will say “I hope I feel at ease” or “I pray that I’m not anxious, In this thought process you are dividing yourself into two. You are who you are. That is, as long as you want to be at ease, you are at ease. Being sure about yourself is true authenticity.

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